Introducing LaunchPad ToolKit: Your guide to writing a Lean Business Plan.

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

We know the feeling. You have a great idea for a new business, you want to get started, but you aren’t quite sure how to put it into words and numbers. It all seems so complicated: spreadsheets, charts, strategy, analysis, budgets, etc. So you have to make a choice: either let the opportunity to start your own company pass you by, or get some help. We designed LaunchPad ToolKit for people just like you. Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs to quickly turn their ideas into a successful start-up. We offer an easy to use, web-based software tool that prompts you with simple but thoughtful questions and organizes your responses into a clear and professional plan. The plan is built in modules and covers marketing and sales, operations, staffing and financials. It is designed to guide and streamline your thinking while still covering the essentials for success. The process helps you develop your vision, target market, product definition and differentiators. Operations questions incorporate your ideas about the core components of your company like suppliers and back office functions into your plan; we help you identify more mundane but also important capabilities like payroll, accounting and legal entity type. Your company will be as successful as the team around you and our process helps you to clarify key roles and hires. Numbers are a vital part of any plan but are best when they are simple and clear. You need to know what drives your revenues and costs and, most importantly, your cash needs. Our process will help you quickly and easily sort that out. Your plan will be crisp and clear, but also comprehensive. LaunchPad ToolKit helps make sure that you have thought about your idea as an enterprise and not just a product. Our goal is to help you get into business while increasing your chances of success, whether you are trying to get accepted by an accelerator or approved for a franchise or qualify for funding. That’s why, in addition to your plan document, LaunchPad ToolKit prepares a 100 day execution plan to keep you focused, a forecast to help you invest wisely and a risk assessment analysis to let you know where the trouble spots might be. With LaunchPad ToolKit there is no need to spend time or money on advisors or to delay the pursuit of your dreams. Simply sign up, sign in and start creating your future today.